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Elderly and chronically ill with safety alarms are exposed to risk at home; that help not arrives when urgently required. This is, as the alarm, which must ensure contact with home care, does not work. Today's alarms bind users to the home and give a false security, which had fatal outcomes.

Therefore we are developing Vevios, which is a mobile safety alarm that increases the safety and freedom of elderly in- and outside their home. It does so by solving the following three problems: Communication, design and ergonomics.







How does it work?

Vevios is a wearable mobile alarm which operates to work all over the world. In the case of an emergency the user can easily position him or herself and communicate directly through the integrated microphone and speaker through Vevios bracelet, until help arrives. Vevios enables a safe and secure feedback for the user, thanks to its red and green lightning and vibrating system throughout the alarming process. The direct communication creates safety in emergencies and help saving lives.

Witness and crime prevention…

Vevios is wearable in its design and will not only appeal to elderly and chronically ill but also to other user groups in need of safety and security in their everyday life. This includes exposed individuals in crime prevention or witness protection, for people working with risky professions, for extreme sports or for children groups in day-care. Therefore, the future market for Vevios is vast. The response to Vevios safety alarm has been very positive since it represents a new type of wearable mobile technology and the demand of safety is huge.

Following short movie illustrates the history and functions of Vevios (SE)


The Göran Bredinger scholarship was handed out in 2017, in correlation with the Social Innovation Summit i Malmö.

 Your Vevios support will save lives of others

Make a donation to complete Vevios safety alarm to reach the market. A product development is a costly process and all contributions for Vevios realisation, no matter size will spare lives. Thank you

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