Vevios is the future safety alarm for elderly and chronically ill. It creates a freer and safer everyday life, like a wearable cell phone in a simple bracelet. It secures the contact and communication between the user and the recipient in the case of an emergency in or outside of the home.

We are a technical and design driven company who are developing care aid products in order to provide an easier, better and safer everyday life for elderly and chronically ill people.

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Following short movie illustrates the history and functions of Vevios (SE)

The Göran Bredinger scholarship was handed out in 2017, in correlation with the Social Innovation Summit i Malmö.

 Your Vevios support will save lives of others

Make a donation to complete Vevios safety alarm to reach the market. A product development is a costly process and all contributions for Vevios realisation, no matter size will spare lives. Thank you

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